Torch-It Torch For The Visually Impaired

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Torch-It is technical, economical, smart solution for visually impaired people. It is device which detects the obstacles in their path while walking. It is like a virtual cane (stick).

Two distance sensors detects obstacles horizontally as well as vertically and gives all data to the controller and controller read the data and response via vibrating motor and buzz sound shown in flow diagram. Here there are 2 modes in horizontal sensor a) indoor and b) outdoor.

a) indoor: if distance less then 80 cm- then one motor is vibrating; if distance less then 60 cm- then two motors are vibrating; if distance less then 30 cm- then three motor are vibrating.
b) outdoor: if distance less then 200 cm- then one motor is vibrating; if distance less then 120 cm- then two motors are vibrating; if distance less then 60 cm- then three motor are vibrating.

Here indoor helps people in their inner visually dark world and outdoor can help them to crossing the road alone, help them in mobility and navigation.

Here, another sensor detect the vertical distance: level of ground and response according the programming; when torch-it ON, it detects the average ground distance or restart torch-it to detect average ground distance and it stores in controller and while walking/moving the distance from ground to torch remain constant up to step up or pot hole is there;
When pot hole is there the distance measure from ground to torch it increases then controller reacts via Buzz sound and
When step up is there the distance between ground and torch decrease so the controller reacts via vibration at the end of torch.
Vertical sensor set at the 15 degree so it detects the pot hole or step, 3 feet ago so it is inform to user that 3 feet ahead a pot hole/step is there so user can change the direction or walking carefully.

Last and most important advantage is the torch-it can easily fit on the cane, and it gives the more reliable function that the user use their stick also and become smart. Here another switch is their which converts the torch-it virtual cane to a torch-it cane.

These two sensors are working to find the above knee level distance accurately and detects the right-left obstacles simultaneously and react vice versa and the user can understand for example the obstacle in right direction then the right side motor vibrate and user change its direction to left to avoid obstacles.

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