Perkins Braille Machine

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The Perkins Brailler is a “braille typewriter” with a key corresponding to each of the six dots of thebraille code, a space key, a backspace key, and a line space key. Like a manual typewriter, it has two side knobs to advance paper through the machine and a carriage return lever above the keys.
•choice of blue or grey color
•Can emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on 11” x 8 ½ -11 ½ “sheet of paper.
•Includes dust cover and wooden eraser.
•Margin Guides can be moved right and left to accommodate paper size

Why the Perkins Brailler
· Best in Class: The most widely used mechanical braille writer in the world since its invention in 1951.
· Durability that Lasts for Decades: Metal casing, closed body architecture (limiting dust accumulation), and over 66 years of craftsmanship, resulting in a resilient product.
· Wide-ranging Usefulness: Wide paper length to accommodate complex math, note taking or other literacy activities.
· Reliable Support: One year warranty, repair service trainings and repair service centers throughout the world, ensuring that any problem with your product is resolved quickly

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