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Smart. Interactive. Refreshable. Taptilo is a braille education device for teacher-led or self-led braille learning.

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Product Description

What is Taptilo?

Transforming the way braille is taught in schools and at home. More than ever, there is a need for a fun and innovative tool for braille education that meets the goals of today’s educators and braille learners. Meet Taptilo, the first smart device dedicated to braille education.


Fun and Engaging Learning

Taptilo makes learning fun for all ages with interactive audio and tactile learning of braille, along with more than 17 games and activities with positive feedback.

Customized Learning

Braille learning materials can be customized to each student by uploading a word list and offers more flexibility with the enhanced app-based control and customization.

Interactive Braille

Taptilo provides braille input through removable braille blocks. Just push the braille dots up or down to make your own braille and get instant feedback.
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