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Optical Braille Recognition (OBR) is a Windows software program that allows you to ‘read’ single and double sided Braille documents on a standard flatbed scanner. It scans the Braille document, analyses the dot pattern, and translates it into normal text that it presents on the computer screen.

Ideal for people who work with blind people and do not know Braille like teachers, public organisations
communicating with the Blind and Computerised Braille Libraries.

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Product Description

  • Easy to Use: The scanning process is simple and quick and you can process two sides of a Braille-sheet in a single scan. Pressing the scan icon starts the process of scanning. After less than thirty seconds the information is presented on the screen. You can continue to scan the next page or start to use the information.
  • No Braille Knowledge required: Braille in a small letter/ document or a complete Book can be scanned into the computer just like a normal printed paper is scanned. And you do not need to know Braille to do this.
  • Accurate Recognition: The recognition from a good quality Braille document is excellent but even when scanning an old worn-out Braille document; the fault frequency is surprisingly low. By using standard Windows functions your Braille handling system will be complete and effective.
  • Direct embossing of scanned Braille documents: Emboss without the involvement of any Braille Translation program; Independent of language or type of Braille code.
  • Available in 2 options – for A4 size Paper OR for A3 size Paper
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