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Secure navigation plus a stylish wooden handle

· Sturdy aluminum 4-section folding cane

· 10-inch flat-sided wooden grip with wrist loop

· Durable marshmallow hook tip

· White reflective tape with six-inch red stripe

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Product Description

The Ambutech Aluminum 4-Section Folding Cane with Wooden Grip and Marshmallow Hook-Style Tip offers secure, comfortable mobility plus the convenience of a folding cane and the classic style of a wooden handle.

Heavy-gauge aluminum construction provides strong joints and the ability to withstand considerable abuse. The new joint design provides superior tactile transmission. Cane folds and unfolds with ease. Double elastic cord assembly for added security. White reflective tape with a six-inch red stripe

10-inch flat-sided wooden grip/handle (encourages proper grasp of the mobility cane) plus wrist loop. Easy to replace/change white marshmallow hook-style tip is molded from heavy-duty nylon and held securely in place with the elastic cord inside the cane shaft.

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