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Walk with confidence and be more visible to others

· 4-section anodized aluminum shaft

· Bright white upper sections with red bottom section

· Comfortable contour grip with wrist strap

· Rubber tip comes mounted on base

· Height adjusts 33-37-in. (one-inch increments)

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Product Description

Navigate securely and confidently, wherever you go! This versatile Reizen Adjustable Folding Support Cane for the Blind allows you to maintain your active lifestyle with the assurance that, as you go about your busy business and social life, you’ll be able to get around safely.

This sturdy aluminum support cane helps you maintain balance as you walk, increasing the range of your mobility and providing peace of mind knowing it’s there for you to lean on when you need supportive assistance.

Plus, with the traditional coloring of a cane for blind users (a reflective red lower section and bright white upper sections), you’ll be more visible to those around you, giving you an added level of safety and security.

– Sturdy, lightweight support cane for the blind
– Bright white upper sections with glossy red bottom section
– Comfortable, ergonomic contour grip
– Rubber tip comes mounted on base
– 4-section anodized aluminum shaft
– Heavy-duty elastic cord threaded through center of shaft
– Folding sections snap out easily and automatically
– Height adjusts from 33 to 37 inches in one-inch increments
– Product weight: 13.1 oz.
– Includes elastic wrist strap

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