Orion TI-30XS Multi-View Talking Scientific Calculator

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Ideal for middle school through college students

  • Unique access and screen review capability to a multi-line scientific calculator
  • Affordable, powerful, pocket-sized, and lightweight
  • Clear, high-quality recorded speech
  • Each key is announced when pressed
  • Unique Learn mode for instant key identification without interrupting operations

The Orion TI-30XS Multi-view Talking Scientific Calculator is a modified TI-30XS Multi-view with increased support that adds accessibility and additional controls. APH partnered with Orbit Research and Texas Instruments to make this powerful calculator accessible.

The attachment consists of a unit on the back of the calculator and 3 function keys on the front of the calculator, above the LCD display. These function keys control preferences, volume, rate, pause, silence, and the unique Learn mode. The comprehensive screen review function allows the user to move to the previous line, next line, next word, next character, read all, and spell out the last spoken text.

Special features:
—Identical LCD display and keypad functionality as the standard TI-30XS; helpful to teachers already familiar with the TI-30XS
—Full speech access to all menus, mathematical expressions, text, and symbols displayed on the screen
—Comprehensive screen review
—High capacity, user-replaceable, rechargeable battery
—Lithium-ion 1000mAh Battery (or AC adapter operation)
—Easy on/off control and auto power-off
—Fraction/decimal conversion
—Edit, cut, and paste entries
—(x-y) tables
—1- & 2- variable statistics

—Talking Scientific Calculator with specially designed hard plastic slide cover and original TI-30XS Multi-view hard snap cover
—Standard A male to Micro-B male USB cable
—USB wall plug
—USB flash drive with documentation
—Quick-Start Guide in print and braille

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