Kangda Adjustable Cervical Collar Neck Support

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Product Composition: It composed of polyurethane foam, plastic, nylon fastener etc.


1. Reduce the gravity of the head and stress.

2. Control the activities of the cervical spine effectively.

3. Make the cervical restore and maintain normal anatomic position.

4. In front and back paste design, convenient to wear.

5. Front opening design, facilitating emergency tracheotomy.

Scope of application:

1. Post-operative immobilization and protection in phase of rehabilitation for severe cervical spine (except atlantoaxial spine) injuries.
2. Adjuvant therapy instrument for cervical spondylosis, plays the role of control and protection for cervical vertebra, adjuvant therapy for various kinds of cervical spondylosis and herniation of cervical disc.

Usage method:

1. Should be used under the guidance of physicians.

2. Select brace base on clinical indications.

3. Measure the middle neck circumference with tape and choose the suitable product according to right size parameter.

4. Put the product on neck, cover the front part (with trepanning) on back part, adjust tightness.

5. Do not affect blood circulation, make it comfortable.

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