BRAILLO 600 SR2 Braille Embosser

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The ideal braille embosser for high speed production using paper rolls

The Braillo 600 SR2 braille embosser is meant for large volume braille production. It embosses in 2 page-per-sheet format (front/back) and holds up to 1,000 sheets (2,000 braille pages) in the stacker. Unique to this braille embosser is that it uses braille paper rolls, which saves money on paper expenses and minimizes downtime associated with loading paper. One roll can last nearly 8 hours and the embossed documents are separated by a blank sheet, making them easy to retrieve, organize and bind. A special feature of our embossers, and especially important during social distancing, is that they can be networked so that the transcribers are remotely sending files. Because the 600 SR2 can run interrupted for such a long period of time, a single person can then be with the printer collecting the finished braille documents and binding them.

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