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About Us

Modern Solutions is the leading supplier of anatomy charts, anatomical models, and anatomical posters, serving medical students, medical professionals, and educational organizations. Discover the widest selection of human skeleton models, patient education materials, fitness posters, veterinary models and educational charts available at unmatched discount prices with fast and friendly customer support!

Detailed anatomical charts, medical posters, anatomical models, dental charts, skeleton models, heart models, veterinary charts, alternative health products such as acupuncture charts and acupressure charts account for just a fraction of what we offer to healthcare institutions. Our new emergency medicine and nursing product categories complement our continually growing product selection.

Modern Solutions seeks to differentiate itself from other providers by:

  • Providing products that are integral to the marketing strategy of their client.
  • Understanding the client’s needs and through this understanding provide products that reflect positively on the client, delivering the required benefits while still being affordable, in good time and relevant.
  • Delivering these services in a manner that demonstrates professionalism and dedication.
  • Providing clients with the highest possible quality.
    Our products have a warranty and engineers to service where applicable.
  • Our Mission

    To promote access to modern assistive devices, technology, training, employment, and social opportunities by people with disabilities.

    Our Objectives

    List of Clients

  • Ministry of Health
  • Medipharm Limited
  • Chogoria Hospital
  • Mathari Hospital
  • Kibara General Supplies
  • Mega scope Health Care
  • Save the Children
  • Narok pillar of Hope and Development
  • Kenyatta University
  • Handicap International
  • Kilimanjaro Blind trust Africa
  • ADRA Somalia
  • CBM
  • ADD International Tanzania
  • Dar-Esalaam University
  • Care International
  • Geographical Coverage

    The scope of our work and operations ensures exercise of this mandate, targeting individuals and groups across the whole nation and Africa.